Throughout my corporate career, I always daydreamed that one of my idols (Prince Willem Alexander, Michelle Obama, Sean Connery — you get my drift) would somehow end up sitting next to me on a plane ride.

After some pleasantries, we’d get into…

During my 20-year corporate career as a Management Consultant, I never had a personal Career Plan that I designed simply for myself. I represent the vast majority of global careerists, sadly.

Instead, my career planning process rested wholly on the model dictated by my then-employer, whomever it was. My career…

If the principles of entrepreneurship propel founders to accelerate growth and achieve lucrative financial gains, then why wouldn’t we apply those same learnings and guidelines to managing our own careers?

In my 15-year career serving fortune 500 companies, the biggest lessons I learned were my years in management consulting. Why…

Natasha Bjoerndal

Career Strategist + Lifestyle Coach helping female leaders manifest career fulfilment so they can write their ‘freedom stories’.

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